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DigiTrain®. A Health & Safety Professional's Must Have
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We understand the need for maximum information on a product, before making an important purchase. Therefore we have a  Brochure, a Podcast, Blogs, FAQs, a weekly Webinar & Social Media pages on DigiTrain®


Tip 21 - Champion your own Team

Here's a Tip 21 snippet from Gareth Milner's Sorry! We're Closed (recorded by our Voiceover Artist Sean Antony to the left) ...

'' You are a Professional. Your game is Health & Safety. The cause is Manual Handling Risk Management. Your common goal is leveraging business growth. Before we move on with the main theme of Tip 21, I want you to be honest with yourself. Actually, totally honest with yourself! So totally honest that I want you to put this book down, get out of your chair**, stand in front of a mirror, with your left palm across your chest and your right hand by your side, palm forward (like you are waving) and say the following ... My name is .............................................. Within my career, my work life, I am a Professional in Health, Safety and Wellbeing. I pride myself on caring for the people I protect. I also don’t work for fun. Through my career I want to give myself a better and happier life. ''


Like throughout the Book, Gareth takes a fun, and serious approach to Manual Handling Risk Management supported by our Creative Director Emma Farrell's remarkable illustrations.

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