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Musculoskeletal Disorder Rehabilitation

Stretching & Pilates Core Stability Exercise Class

Osteopathic Solutions nationwide team of Osteopaths specialise in the Expert provision of Stretching & Pilates Core Stability Exercise Classes. Ideal for Health & Safety Week (run in October each year in the UK) these 1 Hour Classes will aid your Workforce to prevent back injuries, and for those who have suffered a back injury from a Manual Handling accident, self treat their injury reducing Manual Handling Lost Time Accidents, and maybe even preventing an Injury Claim against your Business. These 1 Hour Classes are also indicated for employees who regularly use Display Screen Equipment (DSE).

1 Hour Stretching & Pilates Core Stability Exercise Class

The cost for 6 x 1 Hour Classes or 3 x 1 Hour Classes over 1 day is £895.

Save £100 by Credit Card or Paypal

Each 1 Hour Class can take up to 5 attendees.

Therefore 30 attendees can be trained in 1 day.

Sorry! We're Closed AudioBook by Gareth Milner.jpg

Tip 35 - Call on Me … Call on Me!

Here are a couple of Tip 35 snippets from Gareth Milner's Sorry! We're Closed (recorded by our Voiceover Artist Sean Antony to the left) ...

'' I taught myself Pilates as an early Osteopathy Graduate using Pilates Expert (there’s that word again) Lynne Robinson’s Body Control Pilates DVDs. As you know my career in Osteopathy was cut short due to a serious neck injury. One of the key practices I have done over the years to get my neck to a state where it is ‘comfortable enough’ with no daily use of pain killers, is through consistent, weekly practice of Pilates.


Each week I perform two 1 hour routines to strengthen my core muscles (the abdominal muscles as well as the deep spinal muscles) and improve my whole body flexibility. In this 1 hour coupled with nose diaphragm breathing, I can drag a stiff and sore neck and back, to a point where it feels like I have a new spine. Trust me, it’s that effective. ''


Like throughout the Book, Gareth takes a fun, and serious approach to Manual Handling Risk Management supported by our Creative Director Emma Farrell's remarkable illustrations (Tip 35 illustration shown to the left).

Osteopathic Solutions
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