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Bespoke Manual Handling Training

From only £26 Per Employee

Bespoke Manual Handling Programme

Courses run by Occupational Osteopaths

A selection of 3, 2 & 1 Hour Courses

Inherently Practical in content

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The Explainer Video above has an old email & telephone number. Please call us on 0845 299 3513 with your enquiry or Email Us from the bottom of this page. Our new Explainer Video will be available in summer 2024.
3 Hour Practical Skills
*Save £100 by Credit Card or Paypal
**For up to 30 employees
2 Hour 100% Practical Skills
*Save £100 by Credit Card or Paypal
**For up to 30 employ
1 Hour 100% Practical Skills
*Save £100 by Credit Card or Paypal
**For up to 30 employees

Our bespoke onsite, practical, task specific and attendee engaging Accredited Courses engrain the message of best practice, safer Manual Handling Techniques and Practices, with the aim for Target-Zero Workforce Manual Handling Lost Time Accidents and Injury at Work Claims, Leveraging Business Growth. Pitched simply to your workforce by our Expert Manual Handling Instructors, being Occupational Osteopaths, our jargon free 3 Hour, 2 Hour and 1 Hour Practical Skills Courses teach your workforce BackSafe lifting, carrying, lowering, pushing, pulling and team handling in your employees' working environments.


**Up to 30 employees can be trained over 1 day in for example 3 x 2 Hour Courses, 2 x 3 Hour Courses or 6 x 1 Hour Courses. Or you can mix 3 Hour, 2 Hour and 1 Hour Courses over the day, with total Course training time of 6 Hours delivered. Please call us on 0845 299 3513 with your planned Course lengths and times.

Purchase Orders. No need. Book Online by Credit Card or Paypal

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Firstly through telephone contact, I speak to you to gain sufficient information on the Company's manual handling tasks, loads and environments. Notes from this conversation are saved on our database. Should it be necessary, emailing photos, video footage and risk assessment reports are useful in us fully understanding your manual handling operations. This information is then discussed with our Instructor the week before the first day of training. Our Expert Manual Handling Instructor has a site tour before the first course commences which usually takes around 30-45 minutes. With this preparation, and our all industry national experience, this enables our Instructor to plan the practical tasks to be covered during the practical content of the Courses, fully bespoke our provision, and maximising reductions in Manual Handling Lost Times Accidents, Injury Claims and Legal Fees.

Programme Customisation, from our Director Gareth Milner
Want more information or want to book Courses? Call us on 0845 299 3513


3 Hour Manual Handling Practical Skills Courses in 2011 for Vita Cellular Foams

Due to dissatisfaction with the majority of manual handling training currently on offer, a different approach was looked for, which would be more informative, interactive, useful and enjoyable than previous/ historical training courses. Hence Osteopathic Solutions were identified to deliver manual handling training in our industrial  conversion businesses of Vitec and Custom Foams. The training was delivered in a professional, informative and enjoyable way, using both practical and theoretical methods, and feedback from our staff at both sites was that the training given was better than any previous training they had received, and through the interaction side, more enjoyable also. Gareth and the team delivered quality, enjoyable and cost effective training for us, and are in our plans to fulfill future requirements.

     Dave Darkins, UK Industrial Operations Manager at Vita Cellular Foams

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