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Osteopathic Treatment Consultancy


Osteopathic Solutions provide Osteopathic Treatments onsite for Businesses across the UK.


Our Occupational Osteopath travels to your location with the ability to carry out 8 Employee Treatments per day.

8 Employee Treatments Per Day

Interested in improving the Health & Wellbeing of your Employees?

45 Minute Treatment Appointments

Ideal for Health & Wellbeing Weeks

At a cost of only £106 per Employee

Increases Workplace Productivity & Wellbeing

Director on 0845 299 3513 
Within the 45 Consultation, our Occupational Osteopath will conduct a 15 minute Case History
followed by the Physical Assessment & Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment.
Employees will need to arrive for the Consultation in comfortable gym clothing.
2 Day Workplace Wellness Bundle Offer

Day 1
Osteopathic Treatments

- H
alf Day of Pilates
- BackCare Seminars including Best Practices for Musculoskeletal Health & Wellbeing


Tip 33 - Grow the Osteopathic Profession ... from Sorry! We're Closed

Tip 33 - Image 2.jpg

Here's an extract ...

Osteopaths qualify through a 4 year BSc degree in Osteopathy and in the UK (only) are registered with the general osteopathic council (gosc). You can view many quality Videos on YouTube of Osteopaths and Chiropractors (remember these Professions are the same) perform manual techniques. I will briefly go into the types of techniques we use to encourage the body, via the musculoskeletal system, to heal itself.


Purchase your paperback copy of Sorry! We're Closed from our Online Shop

Along with the rest of our UK Team of Occupational Osteopaths, Osteopathic Solutions Director and Business owner Gareth Milner gained a BSc (Hons) Degree in Osteopathy, graduating from the European School of Osteopathy in 2004.

To gain an insight into the mastery of Osteopathy please view this video of our Director Gareth providing a clinical treatment for our Creative Director, Emma Farrell. 

You can also read our Blog about this treatment on our Blog page. Please click here to read.

Osteopathic Solutions
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