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Sorry! We're Closed eBook

Health & Safety Professionals ... do you want to become a Manual Handling Risk Management Expert? Do you want zero Manual Handling Lost Time Accidents and zero Injury at Work Claims? Do you want to leverage your Pay Rise?

Business Owners ... do you want to understand another way in how you can leverage Business Growth and your profits?

To receive the eBook version of Sorry! We're Closed simply LinkedIn connect with Author Gareth Milner and with this we will email you the eBook or you can Buy Online for only £4.99.

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Here's the first paragraph ...

So what's Sorry! We're Closed all about? Business Owner, I'm talking to you first. Take a look at the front cover. In the words of Catchphrase's Roy Walker 'Say what you see!'

Click the illustration to the left to read the Introduction.

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Tip 4 - Beware the Legal Shark

Here's an extract ...

These scummy fish swim around appearing to be so caring, so helpful, so passionate about your case, and so very aware of the minute by minute overly exaggerated financial outlay you will be soon suffering on their next invoice.

In Tip 4, I investigate 5 Legal Shark 'No Win No Fee' Solicitors who are waiting with razor sharp teeth to win your hard earnt Business profits. Click the illustration to the left to read the full Tip. 

True Stories of Business Regret - STORY 7.jpg

True Story of Business Regret - Story 7

'Mr. Wilkinson' a 28 year old Maintenance Department Officer  employed for 4 years by ‘The Winterborne School’Mr. Wilkinson’s roles included working in the woodwork department; Manual Handling tasks included lifting and carrying of wood sheets, boilers, doors, tool boxes, ladders, metal poles et cetera.


'Mr. Wilkinson' was awarded in Court the sum of £120,000 after suffering a Herniated Neck Disc caused by his tasks. 


Click the illustration to the left to read Story 7.

Tip 10 - Recognise Experts from the Jack of All Trades

Here's an extract ...

Fawlty Towers* needs a new door. Basil wants his go-to provider Mr. O’Reilly, whereas his beloved Sybil wants ‘Stubbs, Basil!!’. Always wanting to save a penny, Basil instructs Mr. O’Reilly and his team who somehow get the job wrong and block off the dining room doors. O’Reilly returns to rectify his bad workmanship ... ‘lick of paint, lick of paint’. The result is even worse as he puts a door in a load bearing wall. Sybil (the female domestic abuser) takes over and calls in the Expert ... Stubbs ... who does what Experts do and gets the job done well, at a higher cost, but first time round and to the highest standard. Not only did this cost Basil more money, taking on the Jack of All Trades in Mr. O’Reilly (and then having to pay for it again with Mr. Stubbs), but it also caused him much anxiety and stress.

In Tip 10, I give Health & Safety Professionals more awareness in detecting whether a Supplier is a Manual Handling Risk Management Expert ... or not. 


Click the illustrations to the right to read the full Tip. 

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A message from the Author Gareth Milner

I have written Sorry! We’re Closed for Business Owners who make continual life sacrifices. Those Business Owners who bust a gut to make their Business profitable and positive for all involved.

I have written Sorry! We’re Closed for Health & Safety Professionals who are serious about lifelong learning. Those that want to sincerely help people. Those that have ambition for Professional development and a better salary.

But I have also written this Book to prevent normal people, who work hard in their employment, to go home with a body that doesn’t hurt. To go home with a body that will allow them to play their favourite sports or partake in their most loved hobbies. A lot of the time you need a pain and injury free body for this.

I wrote Sorry! We’re Closed as I have passion to rid the UK of musculoskeletal disorders, not just the ones that hurt a little now and then, but the ones that ruin lives. I should know. I had the misfortune of suffering a serious neck injury at 24 years old which ended my Osteopathy career when it had just started.

Of course Sorry! We’re Closed is a Business Book. However as I have written it with a solid dose of passion; have put my storytelling hat on, both fictional and true to my life; I teach you something new, well actually a lot of new; deliver Jaw-Dropping moments like in Tip 35 ‘Call on Me ... Call on Me!’; permeate with humour whilst delivering repeated Expert content … and with this Sorry! We’re Closed is a Book you can take to read in a coffee shop on a weekend morning (like Giovanni Bruno), at the park, on the plane to your holidays, in the sauna (well, maybe not?) … it is a Book that will entertain, make you laugh and educate at the same time.

Supported by Emma Farrell’s remarkable illustrations, I am confident we have delivered a Business Book, and not forgetting a past-time Book ... that is emotional, novel and memorable. Enjoy the read.’

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