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Bespoke Manual Handling Training DVD

Bandvulc's Employees won't Tyre of this Video!
15 Minute Read

In Spring 2022 Bandvulc's Health & Safety Manager contracted Osteopathic Solutions to produce a Manual Handling Training DVD Video specific to their Manual Handling tasks, loads and factory environments. Osteopathic Solutions Director Gareth Milner (pictured below) attended with Country Star Productions Videographer Gary Rogers and Professional Photographer Kevin Milner (actually Gareth's cousin!).

A few weeks before the filming Gareth requested for Videos of their tasks to review. After this a Microsoft Teams Meeting was conducted with Bandvulc's Health & Safety Manager and their Health & Safety Quality Auditor. During this 1 hour meeting Gareth asked questions related with their tasks to fully understand them before the filming day. This meeting was also to structure the list of tasks they wanted filmed and included in the final video. If you are looking for a Bespoke Manual Handling DVD Video for your Business please view our DVD Project infographic down this page to view our remarkable management process.

'' Your employees will learn best practice Manual Handling techniques & practices including Backsafe Lifting, Carrying, Lowering, Pushing, Pulling & Team Handling. ''


What will your Employees Learn?

Gareth arrived early onsite with his Videographer and Photographer Team and was given a factory tour by Bandvulc's Health & Safety Team. All areas were covered with a focus on the tasks listed from the Teams Meeting. At this point Gareth also offered his Expert 'Eagle Eye' to all their factory tasks and informed them of the tasks that should be included in the filming and final production. With regards to this so called 'Eagle Eye', this is when Health & Safety Managers miss certain aspects of tasks as they aren't Manual Handling Experts. If you want to become a Manual Handling Risk Management Expert you will need a copy of Gareth's Book Sorry! We're Closed.

Tip 17 from Sorry! We're Closed – Open your Eagle Eyes

Here's an extract ...

Now I want you to close your eyes. Picture this.* You’re in Mumbai, India. You open your Tata car ... I know, since when have Tata made cars?! Sorry. I have disturbed your visualisation. You get in and immediately look in the rear view mirror. You freak! As you’re an Eagle. You have a yellow beak. The hair on your head is white. And your eyes, my God your eyes!

To read Tip 17 purchase your Paperback copy of Sorry! We're Closed here.

On the Bandvulc website they state '' Bandvulc continues on its mission to drive innovative retreading technologies in our ever-changing world which is becoming more and more focused on a sustainable future for our planet. ''


The filming started in the warehouse with the 'unloading casings'. This task was highlighted in the Teams Meeting as there had been an Injury at Work Claim for a back injury directly attributed to this task. As we are true Manual Handling Training Experts and Technical Experts in Human Biomechanics we highlighted to the Health & Safety Manager that the lifting technique both taught by Bandvulc and practised by all staff on the warehouse floor was unsafe for the spine. Therefore with the Video including a change to how operatives should perform this lift, this may create some issues regarding employees questionning the change, but as this task had had a recent Claim, it was essential employees and Bandvulc followed what we were presenting in the Video.


There are 'Jack of All Trades' Health & Safety Providers across the UK that produce Manual Handling Videos, and most of the time they get the technical content wrong, and as you have guessed, they are NOT Manual Handling Experts. With this in mind, read Tip 10 - Recognise Experts from the Jack of All Trades which you will find down this page. An important Tip from the Book to read and understand in order to expertly manage Manual Handling risks.

In the first draft of the completed Video, this hazardous tyre lifting practice was included. The Health & Safety Manager requested that this part was omitted from the final version. As this was their product we worked with our Editor to remove this for the final version. Unlike some of our competitors, we work with our Clients to give them what they want and need.

One of the remarkable points about Osteopathic Solutions' DVD productions is that we encourage the Health & Safety Manager and Operatives to be in the production, performing the tasks with BackSafe technique. As you can see to the right the Health & Safety Manager Rob is about to lower the tyre off the tyre stack, joining in the footage that was captured.


What are the Benefits of Video Training?

'' Video encourages thinking. Videos encourage a multi‐sensory learning experience because they can involve text, moving images, and sound. Using multiple senses to understand a concept allows users to make more cognitive connections. It encourages them to understand the concepts better and think deeply. ''

Tip 10 - Recognise Experts from the Jack of All Trades

Here's an extract ...

Fawlty Towers* needs a new door. Basil wants his go-to provider Mr. O’Reilly, whereas his beloved Sybil wants ‘Stubbs, Basil!!’. Always wanting to save a penny, Basil instructs Mr. O’Reilly and his team who somehow get the job wrong and block off the dining room doors. O’Reilly returns to rectify his bad workmanship ... ‘lick of paint, lick of paint’. The result is even worse as he puts a door in a load bearing wall. Sybil (the female domestic abuser) takes over and calls in the Expert ... Stubbs ... who does what Experts do and gets the job done well, at a higher cost, but first time round and to the highest standard. Not only did this cost Basil more money, taking on the Jack of All Trades in Mr. O’Reilly (and then having to pay for it again with Mr. Stubbs), but it also caused him much anxiety and stress.

In Tip 10, I give Health & Safety Professionals more awareness in detecting whether a Supplier is a Manual Handling Risk Management Expert ... or not. 


Click the illustrations to the right to read the full Tip. 

Tip 10 - Image 2.jpg

The Lunge Technique for lifting and lowering was then filmed with a fire extinguisher and a bagged load from a pallet in the chemical handling part of the factory. The Lunge Technique is especially indicated for people who have suffered from a Disc Injury (see below). It is of course an alternative lifting technique to the Squat, which is the lifting technique of choice.

Pallet handling was then filmed inside the factory and outside. Both single person handling and team handling of pallets was filmed. At Osteopathic Solutions we believe pallets should be handled in a team of 2 always, but we do recognise in the real world with products to manufacture, this isn't always possible.


BLOG POST !! The Life Changing Effects of a Prolapsed Lumbar Disc - An Employer's Manual Handling Risk Management Responsibility 

As an Osteopath I clinically treated people who had just suffered a prolapsed disc. After assessment I sent them off to hospital. I also treated 100s of people who had surgery for prolapsed and herniated discs. In my Blog you will learn about how disc injuries happen (especially related with Manual Handling) and how they are surgically and clinically treated. If you don't know, you will also learn that they can cost your Business £160,000 in an Injury at Work Claim. Read my Blog via this link or click my photo to the left.

In the afternoon we moved onto Pushing and Pulling capturing natural practices performed by the operatives. First in the warehouse where 2 tyres were being pushed at a time. Next we moved onto the Preparation Buffing Area firstly capturing natural practice of removing cases from the conveyor and then capturing Gareth performing BackSafe technique and practice. At 23 minutes in the final Video there is coverage of the awkward pushing task of a tyre into the TRM Buffing Machine. At Osteopathic Solutions we have over 12 years experience (this Blog was written in 2023) in all types of factory and industry environments. Therefore we fully understand the awkward nature of many tasks people have to perform in their work. With this said, this pushing task was one of the awkward tasks at Bandvulc where ideal spinal posture is not possible. To engage operatives whilst watching and to gain their respect, we are honest in our presentation in some of their tasks, which they know already are strenuous to perform.

Most DVD productions available across the UK, whether 'Off the Shelf' or Bespoke will focus the coverage on lifting inanimate loads. Some will be ok for pushing and pulling. Some may include team handling. At Osteopathic Solutions not only do we include lifting, carrying, lowering, pushing, pulling and team handling; we also have a big focus on postural activities regarding working at factory stations. At 35 minutes 43 seconds you will see the Postural Awareness & Body Use section. Like in all factories, worldwide, Bandvulc has tasks that enforce certain spinal postures, which are very difficult or impossible to change. This section looks at how employees can help themselves outside of work to reduce the strain on their bodies from their day to day tasks.

" Spliced Creations is a small family run business producing media for all kinds of clients. We have been working alongside Gareth for 7 years producing instructional videos to reduce manual handling injuries and lost time at work. Included in my work history is 6 years of elevator installation, during which time I am guilty of all the incorrect techniques Gareth and his team are teaching to avoid. This has left me with lower back problems and pain which I will probably suffer from for the rest of my life. I have learned a lot working with Gareth and I only wish I knew him sooner. ''

Shane Du Toit, Director

Spliced Creations

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During the final part of the day single person pushing and pulling of heavy palletised loads was filmed, again capturing both hazardous (natural) practices as well as BackSafe techniques. As you can see from the photo gallery both Gareth and Bandvulc's Health & Safety Manager were involved in the filming of the tasks.


After this Rob and his Health & Safety Team Colleague Daniel took full part in the team handling of tyres. Before the clips were taken Gareth clearly explained to them what he wanted, and their employees needed, in clear communication to coordinate the lift and lower. '' Ready, Brace, Lift! '' and '' Ready, Brace, Down '' (we omit the Brace for heavy loads).

We finished the filming outside in the warm spring Devon sun with team lifting, carrying and lowering of pallets and metal fences, bringing a long day of filming to a close. Over the following month Gareth worked through all the video content; writing the script (which went off to our long term Voiceover Artist Sean Antony); calculating the clip timings, and working with our Editor Shane (pictured above) to complete the finished, remarkable DVD Video Product. We thank Rob and his Directors at Bandvulc for bringing us there and we thank all involved in the project completion. Below is a 5 minute Taster Sample Video from the full 30 minute version.


Impressed by our Production Quality?
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