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Gareth Milner BSc (Hons) Ost

Broadcasting through this page allows me to discuss interesting topics gained in my professional life; giving free information to our clients and followers alike. The spectrum is broad for our podcast topics and will include the following:  Musculoskeletal Health; Workplace Health & Well-Being; Q&A sessions and much more. Do you have a topic you'd like us to discuss or perhaps a question for our Q&A sessions?

Drop me an email on garethmilner@osteopathicsolutions.co.uk

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Emma Farrell BA (Hons) Design

As well as being involved in the recording the podcasts, I will be doing the behind the scenes work of sourcing interesting topics up for discussion for our Director Gareth Milner and also uploading the content to this page.

As my Professional background is in Design rather than Health & Safety, I am looking forward to learning more about the musculoskeletal system and growing my knowledge which will in turn allow me to progress into different areas within my role.

Podcast 1:

Gregory's Knee - A Rehabilitation Consultation

Gregory's Knee - A Rehabilitation Consultation with Gareth Milner BSc (Hons) Ost
00:00 / 31:29

Podcast 2: 

DigiTrain® - An Overview

00:00 / 27:34

Podcast 3:

Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Consultation

Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Consultation
00:00 / 39:41

Podcast 4:

Osteopathic Solutions Website's Content

To be posted 11th February 2021

Podcast 5:

10 Years of Osteopathic Solutions Ltd

Coming Soon!

Podcast 6:

Wednesday's Manual Handling Questions & Answers

Coming Soon!

Manual Handling.jpg

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