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Manual Handling Awareness Course

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1 Hour Manual Handling Awareness Course
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Training up to 60 employees over 1 Day

Short of a Training Budget? .... Many Employees to train? .... Operationally short of time? .... Moderate Risk Tasks?


Expertly delivered by our UK Team of Physical Therapists, our attendee engaging and habit changing Manual Handling Awareness Courses engrain the message of best practice Manual Handling Techniques and Practices. Up to 60 employees can be trained over 1 day in 6 x 1 Hour Courses.


Pitched simply to your workforce by our Expert Manual Handling Instructors, being Occupational Osteopaths and Physiotherapists, our jargon free 1 Hour Course teaches your workforce Practical Principles and Optimal Manual Handling Techniques that are .... Made To Stick!

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