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What is our Business Philosophy?

Invest in Employee Health & Wellbeing.

Invest in Manual Handling Risk Management.

Leverage Business Growth.

What sets Osteopathic Solutions apart from other Manual Handling Providers?

Firstly, we are NOT a run-of-the-mill Manual Handling Training provider. We have the Complete Manual Handling Risk Management Programme ... from Risk Assessment Consultancy, Workforce Training Programmes, Instructor Courses at your venue (or at our Public Centres), Digital Training Products, Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Occupational Health Assessments and Medico-Legal Reports, MSD Rehabilitation Exercise Classes, and Osteopathy onsite at your venue. 

We are THE UK's one-stop Expert for everything Manual Handling Risk Management.

We want YOU in your Health & Safety role (and the Business you represent) to obtain significant, measurable results. Not only do we achieve your employees to ...

1). Remember our messages, implement them day to day, inanimate load to inanimate load
2). Change to Bac
kSafe Manual Handling habits
3). Remember the remarkable nature of o
ur Training

... we want your Business to achieve ZERO Manual Handling Lost Time Accidents and Injury at Work Claims.

Thirdly on what sets us apart. Our UK Team are true Musculoskeletal Experts. Qualified Osteopaths who professionally treat Manual Handling Injuries in their clinics. Not ex-Military who may look the part, but lack the substance and technical expertise. Not generalists (or Jack of All Trades) who know a little bit, about a lot. And not Health & Safety Consultants who can do no better than you can. Our Team are Experts in Human Biomechanics. Experts in Osteopathy. Experts in Manual Handling Training & Risk Management .. and most importantly for you Experts in helping you achieve TARGET-ZERO Manual Handling Lost Time Accidents and Injury at Work Claims.

Last but not least, and this is a major one, our Director and Qualified Osteopath Gareth Milner is the Author of the

5-Star reviewed Business Book Sorry! We're Closed. Gareth, as an industry Key Person of Influence, gives you over 300 pages, and 50 remarkable Tips of Health & Safety gold dust, helping you become a Manual Handling Risk Management Expert (with many laughs along the way) and with that ... leverage YOUR pay rise!

Call us now on 0845 299 3513 to find out how we can help you take this path ...

and not the £160,000 Manual Handling Injury at Work Claim payout ... and no job path.


Feel free to download our Manual Handling Risk Management Strategy Questionnaire here.

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Osteopathic Solutions Gareth Milner

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