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Manual Handling Training


Task Specific, Cost Effective Training with our Nationwide Manual Handling Experts

Want zero Manual Handling Lost Time Accidents? You are in the right place

Osteopathic Solutions is a nationwide Manual Handling Training specialist teaching 'BackSafe' techniques and practices with the specific inanimate loads that your workforce lift, carry, lower, push, pull and team handle.


We specialise in onsite Manual Handling Instructor (Train the Trainer) Courses and Practical Skills Courses directly for your workforce. Please view our Manual Handling training Explainer Video below. Our Bespoke Manual Handling Progammes are in line with HSE guidelines, supported by the technical expertise of our nationwide team of Occupational Osteopaths, who specialise in the prevention and clinical treatment of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) on a weekly basis.



CPD Group Accredited


CPD Group Accredited

Whether qualifying Instructors or your Workforce, our Manual Handling Experts avoid medical jargon, keeping it simple and easy to understand; providing engaging, task specific, memorable and realistic Manual Handling training.

With the correct balance between theory and practical, our manual handling experts engrain the message of safe manual handling techniques and practices, through informing attendees what the musculoskeletal consequences of hazardous techniques are. Understanding of simple biomechanics, body use and position is key to ‘BackSafe’ techniques which are personally and practically taught to each attendee.​

Competitive Per Attendee Costs
Courses run by Occupational Osteopaths
Inherently Practical in content
Bespoke Instructor & Workforce Programmes


3 Hour Manual Handling Practical Skills Courses for Maintenance & Grounds teams in Spring 2014
for Sutton Valence School

Osteopathic Solutions has provided excellent manual handling training. Each day of training has been delivered by extremely professional trainers and the courses have been set up for the needs of our staff. Working in a large school there are many different departments whose staff need training and the trainers made sure they visited the areas our staff work in. So many courses just provide a DVD, which is forgotten about immediately. Having practical help has made a big difference and everyone came away from the course saying they had really benefited from the training. I will continue to use Osteopathic Solutions for future training sessions.

Julie Vicary, Estates Bursar at Sutton Valence School

Osteopathic Solutions
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