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'' Each Month I post on this page & our Social Media pages my Manual Handling Vlog. If you are a Health & Safety Professional involved in conducting Manual Handling Risk & Ergonomic Assessments or manage Manual Handling Risk Management within your role then these short Vlogs are ideal for you to enhance your knowledge within this subject. I generally post them on my LinkedIn account on Thursdays or Fridays. If you are not LinkedIn connected with me you can connect via the LinkedIn icon above.''

Who should watch my Vlog?
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What do I cover & what will You learn?

'' When myself & my Team run Manual Handling Instructor Courses for our Clients we present Manual Handling Task Videos like on this page. On my Manual Handling Vlog I discuss the following.. ''

  • The Spinal Movements performed 

  • What areas of the Body are under mechanical strain

  • What Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) could happen, keeping it simple

  • What the Employer could do after Risk Assessment to reduce Manual Handling MSD Risks

  • What 'BackSafe' technique & practice is (if possible!)

'' From this you will learn to become a better Manual Handling Risk Assessor; enhance your management skills of Manual Handling Risk Management and ultimately present a reduction in Manual Handling MSDs to your Directors ''

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