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Manual Handling Training DVD

Induction & Refresher Training Tool
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'' The quality is excellent throughout, and it’s very useful to see lifting procedures that are relevant to many manufacturing sites around the country that the trainers can relate to. The DVD will make a great addition to our health and safety induction programme within the company ''

Andrew Donovan
Health, Safety & Training Officer

The Bury Black Pudding Co

(pictured to the right)

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What will your Employees Learn?

'' Your employees will learn best practice Manual Handling techniques & practices including Backsafe Lifting, Carrying, Lowering, Pushing, Pulling & Team Handling. ''
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'' I look forward to using the Manual Handling Training DVD for in-house training going forward. It has given myself lots of great pointers on how manual handling training has changed since I was last trained on it. ''

Stephanie Stainton

Compliance Manager

(pictured to the left)

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Tip 29 - Embrace the World of Digital

In Tip 29 from Sorry! We're Closed Author Gareth Milner takes a look at why we should embrace all forms of Manual Handling Training including Online and Video. Gareth delves into the positive attributes that Digital Training gives as well as taking a look at the negatives of face-to-face Manual Handling Training, something that many in the Health & Safety Profession don't stop to think about. Like throughout the Book, Gareth takes a fun approach to the subject supported by Emma Farrell's illustrations. To read Tip 29 click the image of the Sorry! We're Closed AudioBook to the left.

Want more information?

We understand the need for maximum information on a product, before making an important purchase. Therefore we have a Video (watch above), a Product Brochure, FAQs, the Filming Case Study and Client Reviews.

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What are the Benefits of Video Training?

'' Video encourages thinking. Videos encourage a multi‐sensory learning experience because they can involve text, moving images, and sound. Using multiple senses to understand a concept allows users to make more cognitive connections. It encourages them to understand the concepts better and think deeply. ''
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