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Manual Handling Training DVD

Is the Content of the DVD, available as a USB?
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Yes it is available to purchase as a USB, via our Order Form or our Buy Online page. As DVD drives on Laptops and Desktop Computers are becoming obsolete, our USB version is our 'bestseller'. A smart design also with the Osteopathic Solutions logo imprinted on the USB. 

When was the DVD/ USB published?
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The DVD and USB versions were published in May 2020. This is our Version 1 format as over the coming years we will be adding new industries including Retail, Construction, Aviation, Education, and the Drinks Industry including Breweries. Watch this space!

Can I watch snippets of the content?
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Yes of course! You can watch the DVD Explainer Video (to the left) as well as each Video Introduction on this page from the 4 Industries, the Food Industry, Manufacturing, Distribution & Logistics and Council Services. We will even send to you via Wetransfer, free of charge, 3 MP4 Video Tutorials. Connect with our Director Gareth Milner on LinkedIn and we will email you a list of the Video Tutorials you can choose from. 

Who produced the Video Content?
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Our Director, Manual Handling Expert and qualified Osteopath Gareth Milner wrote, filmed and produced the content. Therefore you can trust that the Manual Handling Techniques and Practices are taught directly from a leading Manual Handling Risk Management Industry 'Key Person of Influence'. The video editing was supplied by Spliced Creations, professional Voiceover by Sean Antony, with Savage & Gray Animation creating the fun caricatures of me (Emma Farrell) and Gareth Milner.

Can I get a discount when buying?
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Yes. On the final Wednesday of each month we host our 40% OFF (£100) Day via our Online Shop. You can also download a 40% OFF (£100) Voucher to buy with a Purchase Order. Purchase Orders must be received on the final Wednesday of each month. Down your Voucher here.

What are the Benefits of Video Training?
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Video encourages thinking. Videos encourage a multi‐sensory learning experience because they can involve text, moving images, and sound. Using multiple senses to understand a concept allows users to make more cognitive connections. It encourages them to understand the concepts better and think deeply. 

Can I buy a 'My Industry' USB Copy?
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We have 4 other versions of the USB, for the Food Industry, the Manufacturing Industry, Distribution & Logistics and Council Services. The content on these versions is the same as the Manual Handling Training USB; the only difference is the outer cover of the box set. 

Will this DVD/ USB make our Business compliant with UK Legislation?
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Yes. Your Business will be compliant with the Manual Handling Operations Regulations and The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974. For Best Practice Osteopathic Solutions recommends that the Manual Handling Training DVD/ USB is presented in a Training Room, supportive of onsite, practical Manual Handling Training in the employees' working environment, as also recommended in the Guidance by the HSE.

What is the quickest I can get a Copy of the DVD?
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If you Buy Online on our website this will avoid the delay in waiting for an official purchase order. You can complete the Online Order Form and make a secure, online payment. You will then receive your copy to your chosen delivery address with 2 working days, and all 4 DVD Videos sent to you via Wetransfer on the very same day!

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