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Manual Handling Instructor Programme

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Bespoke Manual Handling Programme

Courses run by Occupational Osteopaths

Inherently Practical in content

Formal Practical & Written Assessment

Indefinite Post Course Support

From only £332 Per Attendee

Book Online facility
The Explainer Video above has an old email & telephone number. Please call us on 0845 299 3513 with your enquiry or Email Us from the bottom of this page. Our new Explainer Video will be available in summer 2024.
*Save £300 by Credit Card or Paypal including Manual Handling DVD.
For up to 8 attendees
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*Save £200 by Credit Card or Paypal.
For up to 6 attendees
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*Save £100 by Credit Card or Paypal.
For up to 6 attendees
DigiTrain® Benefits
  • Brings Manual Handling Training 100% In-House

  • Enabling Indefinite In-House Training of Manual Handling Instructors

  • Removes Costs & Administration of External Training Companies

  • Upskills Health & Safety Managers

  • Reducing Manual Handling Accidents

  • Reduces Manual Handling Injury Claims & Legal Fees

  • Compliance with Manual Handling Operation Regulations

  • Clear & Repeatable Message across Sites

  • Leveraging Business Growth with Effective Manual Handling Risk Management

Already a Trained Instructor?
To receive our Instructor Booklet send a LinkedIn connection invitation to our Director Gareth Milner via the LinkedIn Icon below with the subject 'FREE MANUAL HANDLING BOOKLET PLEASE' with your email & Gareth will email you the PDF version free of charge!
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Purchase Orders. No need. Book Online by Credit Card or Paypal

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Tip 22 - Teach Yourself to be a Teacher

Here's a Tip 22 snippet from Gareth Milner's Sorry! We're Closed (recorded by our Voiceover Artist Sean Antony to the left) ...

'' Then my University days at the European School of Osteopathy (ESO) in Maidstone, Kent starting in the year 2000. I recall the Head of the School at the time, Professor Renzo Molinari ( His Biomechanics lectures were extremely stimulating and motivational for me to become an Expert like him. He also taught with such a lovely charm. Some didn’t like his style. But you can’t please everyone in life, can you? And if I am mentioning the ESO, I cannot leave out Professor Peter Blagrave; may God bless his soul. Mr. Blagrave had exceptional attention to detail and expected the best from you, always. You had such high respect for him, and he set the bar. With this he had authority, and you knew you had to follow his lead. He was approachable but at the same time, you knew you would be properly bollocked if you let your standards drop. At Osteopathic Solutions Ltd, I have become a Teacher. Not only in its early days teaching people in best practice Manual Handling, but since the start (and still) teaching our Team the standards they need to reach. I set the bar like Mr. Blagrave did, with my (reasonable) demands to aim for the remarkable. ''


Like throughout the Book, Gareth takes a fun, and serious approach to Manual Handling Risk Management supported by our Creative Director Emma Farrell's remarkable illustrations.

Osteopathic Solutions
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