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Wednesday BackCare Questions & Answers

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Every Wednesday at 1pm, Osteopathic Solutions Director & Osteopath Gareth Milner hosts via Microsoft Teams a 'no cost to you' BackCare Questions and Answers Webinar.


As these Webinars are very popular, to secure your place click the BOOK ONLINE tab below. Attendees of our BackCare Q&As go into the hat for our Quarterly Competition to win a FREE Osteopathy Treatment at a Clinic local to where you live or work. The next Competition is on the 3rd January 2023..

  • How can I ease my Aches & Pains?

  • What supplements do you recommend?

  • My current sessions with my Manual Therapist don't seem to be working, what should I do?

  • Is a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist as effective in treating Musculoskeletal Disorders as an Osteopath?

  • Can you send me some reading material/ videos?

  • Are Pilates sessions effective in easing Musculoskeletal Pains?

  • Can you send me some stretching exercises you personally recommend?


''Thank you so much for your call earlier. I really appreciate the expert advice, I personally I found it very relevant and informative in helping to look at new processes to try and gain a full recovery from current issues I am suffering with. I also never realized that so many other issues I’ve been experiencing could be linked together and have always thought of them as separate issues that I must learn to live with. With the additional video and blog support you have sent over I can help structure a plan to help make back care a priority in my daily life and will also look into the recommendations discussed on our call. I would highly recommend the webinars for anyone suffering from any type of musculoskeletal issues to gain expert advice and if they are in the workplace to have the information on file to give to employees who maybe suffering. I look forward to Osteopathic Solutions coming on site to complete our Manual Handling training and helping make a real difference to all of our workforce.''


Sharon Staines, HSE Officer

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

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