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How did DigiTrain® come about?
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During Spring 2020, Osteopathic Solutions’ competitors were providing Online Manual Handling Instructor Courses via Zoom. We didn’t think this was such a great idea. What Digital Product would be better? DigiTrain®

What exactly is this digital product, DigiTrain®?
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A Digital Product that has a one-off fee, with the DigiTrain® USB content enabling Health, Safety & Training Professionals to deliver Manual Handling Instructor (Train the Trainer) Courses in house.  

There are no licenses, no restrictions in its use. You can train as many Manual Handling Instructors as you wish, indefinitely.

Who is DigiTrain® aimed at?
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Health & Safety and Training Professionals who are already qualified Manual Handling Instructors with significant experience delivering Workforce manual handling training. 

How much is DigiTrain® in comparison to an Instructor course? 
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The cost of this unique, innovative product is just £595+vat (£495+vat if you are LinkedIn Connected – see below). That’s a third of the cost of Osteopathic Solutions* onsite 2 Day Manual Handling Instructor Course which is priced at a highly competitive £1795+vat, taking up to 6 attendees.


With the employment costs of your in-house Instructor over the 2 Day Course, that is a saving of around £800+vat* for the first Course delivered. Each Course after will save around £1300+vat*.

*Using Osteopathic Solutions 2 Day Course cost.

How much money can DigiTrain® save Your Business over 5 years?? 
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If you are part of a big UK Group (as DigiTrain® is a USB product you can upload all content to your Group Intranet), if for example your Group ran 6 x 2 Day Courses over a 12 month period, that would save your business around £7800+vat*, not to mention the costs of administration. In 5 years, that is a saving of £39,000+vat*. You get my gist! All for a fixed ‘pocket money’ expenditure of £595+vat. Plus, you have a product forever! There are no product licences.

*Using Osteopathic Solutions 2 Day Course cost.

Accredited Manual Handling Training Programme

What does DigiTrain® give YOU personally in your work role?
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  • Avoiding the need to source potential Training Providers; looking through their websites and Course literature (i.e. Course Outlines and Learning Outcomes); speaking to each of them on the phone; having meetings with colleagues to discuss which Training Provider to choose

  • Say you have chosen the Training Provider, DigiTrain® avoids the potential back and forth emails trying to secure dates, matching the Training Provider’s available dates to what ALL your chosen attendees can do

  • Avoiding having to read through the Training Provider’s booking contract, and the potential of having your Procurement Department check the terms and conditions, which may take a week or more in itself

  • Avoiding delays in booking a Course due to waiting for Purchase Orders

  • Avoiding having to teach the Instructor what your company does. The Instructor with our DigiTrain® USB will already know your workplace manual handling tasks as they are you, or your colleague


What does this give YOU? Lots of time. As you know in business ‘time is money’. Time you can spend on other possibly more important tasks and projects.

What else does this give YOU? The ability to upskill in your role, making your job role more interesting and engaging. A possible step up the corporate ladder?

And lastly DigiTrain® will give you the ability to have your attendees up and running 2 days after your Course has been completed, as you can mark their Assessments the next day after the Course, and get on with your InHouse Training Programme (with an External Training Provider you may have to wait 2 weeks or more to the get the attendees’ results).

What content does DigiTrain® contain?  
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  • 2 PowerPoints. With Voiceover containing Health & Safety and Manual Handling Legislation. Basic Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Musculoskeletal System. Manual Handling Risk Assessment.

  • All 4 Videos from our Manual Handling Training DVD

  • DigiTrain® Instructor Booklet in PDF format

  • Attendee Course Booklet in PDF format

  • 2 Day Course Lesson Plan

  • Attendee Assessment & Marking Criteria

  • Course Feedback Form

  • Attendee Certificate Template

  • Manual Handling Training Posters in printable format

  • Workforce Training Form

  • Workforce Training Booklet in PDF format

  • Employee MSD Score Form

How long does it take to cover all the information given?
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We envisage it would take around 1 full work day to go through all of the DigiTrain® content. Once this has been reviewed we are at the end of the phone if you need support to start Course delivery.

What physical Products do I get?
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The DigiTrain® USB Hard Copy Box, the DigiTrain® USB, the DigiTrain® product description booklet and the printed 46 page DigiTrain® Instructor Booklet that spoon feeds you how to use the DigiTrain® USB’s content.

Can you use the content of DigiTrain® for Refresher/ CPD Training yourself?
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Best practice is to attend an Onsite or Public 1 Day Manual Handling Instructor CPD Course, but during 2021 we are offering 1 Instructor (who will be using the DigiTrain® USB content) certification through The CPD Certification Service as having attained Instructor CPD Training. This is due to the restrictions in face to face training this year.

Are there any other Products like this in the UK?
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Firstly, across the UK, no Health & Safety or Training Provider offers such a product. We have seen a few offering a Manual Handling PowerPoint, of poor quality, but nothing that gives the content enabling in house training of Manual Handling Instructors.

Why do we coin DigiTrain® as ‘Setting UK Standards’?
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Most importantly it is the content. Innovative documents and presentations supported by Expert knowledge gathered from our Occupational Osteopaths over the last 11 years delivering Manual Handling Risk Management to clients from all industries across the UK.

What other information can I watch, read and listen to about DigiTrain®?
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You can watch the Video, read the Blog or listen to the Podcast via this link. In 2022 we will be producing a DigiTrain® Explainer Video, featuring a 2 Day Course delivery using the content of DigiTrain® at one of our client’s sites. You can find out what clients of ours whom have purchased DigiTrain® think about the quality of the content and the product on our Testimonials page via this link.


We send interested parties page 1-11 of the DigiTrain® Instructor Booklet (that you receive as a printed copy and as a PDF on the DigiTrain® USB).  Through this sample of the Booklet you can view the quality of some of the content and also see how the Booklet guides you with the DigiTrain® USB content to deliver the highest quality 2 Day Manual Handling Instructor Assessor Course.

And last but not least, we are available over the phone on 0845 299 3513 or by Microsoft Teams to answer any questions you have. If you don’t have MicroSoft Teams on your computer, you can download it free from the internet and we can send you a invite link to your Teams account, and call you via Teams at your required time.

Can I get a discount when buying DigiTrain®?
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Yes. LinkedIn connect with me, Emma Farrell and Gareth Milner and we will send to you via LinkedIn a £100 OFF Gift Voucher or if you would like to Buy Online we will send to you via LinkedIn a link to buy at £100 OFF.

When did DigiTrain® receive its Trade Mark?
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In June 2021, through the Intellectual Property Office.

Osteopathic Solutions Ltd

T:  0845 299 3513

Company Registration Number: 07743200

VAT Registration Number: 139 388572

CPD Certification Service Member Number: 12602

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