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North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service Case Study

Manual Handling Train the Trainer

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Download our Bespoke Fire Services 2 Day Manual Handling Instructor (Train the Trainer) Course Outline & Learning Outcomes by clicking the tab below.

North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service's Health & Safety Manager was looking for customised Manual Handling Instructor (Train the Trainer) training at their Easingwold Fire Training Centre and contracted Osteopathic Solutions to provide three intensive Courses so that North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service maintain their compliance under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 and UK Health & Safety Legislation. The Bespoke Manual Handling Instructor (Train the Trainer) Programme was tailored to the Fire Service's specific needs as attendees already had a background in movement, fitness and task based drill training. 

The mornings began with a very brief overview of the relevant laws relating to manual handling operations followed by a condensed and simple presentation (jargon free!) on basic anatomy (including spinal muscles, ligaments and discs) and biomechanical function of the spine (please view our Blog '' Human Biomechanics - Kept Simple '' on our Blog Page. Using non medical terms, our Manual Handling Expert Alan Reed explained the biomechanics of manual handling related injury linking to musculoskeletal disorders participants had suffered in the past, and with patient examples from his clinical practice. Once the attendees had an understanding of how manual handling related injuries occurred, the 5 key principles of safer manual handling technique were introduced to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, allowing real world application of technique to a diverse range of manual handling tasks. The attendees were then shown real-life video footage of manual handling tasks in industry (common examples of hazardous lifting, carrying, lowering, pushing and pulling practices) and were asked where the musculoskeletal strain was in each example and the likely resulting manual handling related musculoskeletal disorders attend, ensuring attendees understood the consequences of hazardous practices and why best practice technique would lower risk. 

We provide Public 2 Day Manual Handling Instructor Courses accredited with The CPD Certification Service at venues across the UK. For more information click PUBLIC COURSES at the top of our website

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