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Manual Handling Training

Consultant & Registered Osteopath

Rishi joined us in 2017 and is our London based Manual Handling Training and Risk Assessment Consultant. Please view Rishi's client testimonials below. Outside of Osteopathic Solutions Rishi is an Associate Osteopath for clinics in London. Away from work Rishi enjoys dining in restaurants in London, playing football, watching interesting shows on Netflix and travelling around the world.

''I have over 10 years experience in the healthcare industry. As an Osteopath I help hundreds of patients a year by reducing their pain and educating them on ways of preventing and managing their musculoskeletal condition.


I really enjoy manual handling training because it’s rewarding to see people being educated on the correct ways of lifting and handling and why they should be handling this way. It’s great to see people take an interest in their own health & safety and how they can reduce musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace by more 'backsafe' manual handling.


I particularly enjoy working for Osteopathic Solutions as we can tailor our training to make it relevant and practical to the workplace and make it enjoyable at the same time. ''

All the feedback we had was very positive. Myself and our caretakers found the training Rishi delivered very informative and very well presented. We would definitely be happy to work with Rishi again in the future. All his help was much appreciated.

Arizona Jones, Compliance Solutions Officer 

London Borough of Islington

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Thank you to Osteopathic Solutions for delivering the manual handling training. It was well received and Rishi Patel pitched it at the right level for the operatives. I think being a practising Osteopath meant that he was taken a lot more seriously than if he was someone who wasn’t working in this profession. 

Martin Wates, Horticultural Services Manager

Gravesham Borough Council

Lydd site Attendees' feedback:

'' I found it very beneficial, especially the gym exercises and advice about preventative measures to help stop manual handling related injuries occurring. ''

'' Very good instruction and information. Considerate of our work environment and excellent exercises explained.
Hope we have the same Instructor next year. ''

'' I thought it was very informative and well delivered from Rishi Patel. ''

'' Rishi Patel was bang-on, tip-top. Really pragmatic and understood our issues and provided useful ideas to help. If it was a TripAdvisor review I would give him 5 blobs!! ''

'' Rishi presented well and was knowledgeable with appropriate physical training advice given. ''

Was the 2 Instructor Assessor Course well structured by our trainer? Did it flow? If not, how could it have been improved?

The course flowed very well and was delivered perfectly.

What did you like about our trainer’s delivery?

Attention to detail and answered every question clearly.


Was the information presented in a simple & easily understandable way, avoiding medical jargon?

Yes it was kept simple as possible.

Sean Sowney, Attendee

FM Conway

Having taken part in the training session myself, It was interesting to hear Rishi explain how and why we lift and move equipment in the correct manner. It was nice to hear feedback from Rishi at the end of the day stating that, we as a team already do a lot of manual handling tasks well and the communication between team members when carrying out these tasks was already well established.


We tried to make the manual handling tasks as real as possible when Rishi was here to show him what our day may consist of, this was a great benefit to the team for Rishi to see the type of loads we are lifting and the way in which we manage them, Rishi was then able to provide relevant feedback and advice on manual handling tasks.

Jane St John, Manager

Southend On Sea Borough Council


For information about Rishi Patel's Osteopathic Clinics in the South East please click this link.

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