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Recruiting for Spring 2024

A message from our Director Gareth Milner.

'' We are recruiting now for Spring 2024. The last 3.5 years have been an extremely challenging time for us all in business and Osteopathic Solutions Ltd is bouncing back with a fresh, new UK Team. If you are a qualified Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor connect with me on LinkedIn and send me your CV or call me on 0845 299 3513. Please read through this page and watch the Videos to gain an insight into why this is the perfect Professional role to complement your Clinical Practice.''

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A Diverse Professional Instructor & Consultancy Role


Manual Handling Instructor

Delivery of our Accredited Workforce Manual Handling Practical Skills Courses as well as our Accredited Instructor (Train the Trainer) Courses at our Clients' venues within all UK industries including Manufacturing, Food Production, Distribution & Logistics, Council Services, Education, Search & Rescue, Fire Services etc. Course delivery is predominantly delivered in the working environment teaching Employees and Instructors BackSafe lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling and team handling techniques and practices. Delivery also of our Accredited Public Instructor Courses at our Training Centres across the UK including Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and London. Please watch the Explainer Videos to the right.


Manual Handling Risk Assessor

Onsite Consultancy at our clients' venues conducting Manual Handling Risk & Ergonomic Assessments. The onsite Consultancy involves information gathering from Employee Operatives and the Health & Safety Manager, taking photos and video footage of manual handling tasks, loads and environments. After the onsite Consultancy a Musculoskeletal Disorder Risk Reduction Report is written which involves an additional 1 or 2 Days of paid Consultancy work. Common client environments include Food Production and Manufacturing. View our HSE Risk Assessment Tools page, our Aviation Services Case Study and our Council Services Case Study to gain an understanding of this Consultant role.

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Moving & Handling of People Instructor

Delivery of our Accredited Moving & Handling of People Instructor (Train the Trainer) Courses as well as our Care Workforce Practical Skills Courses at our clients' venues in Nursing & Residential Care Homes, Private Hospitals, the NHS and Council Adult & Social Care Settings. 


Delivery also of our Accredited Public Instructor Courses at our partner Prism Medical's Equipment Centres across the UK including Manchester, Leeds and Winchester. Our Moving & Handling of People Courses teach best practice Verbal Guidance, Minimal Assistance, Minimal Handling and Equipment Handling techniques and transfers. 

Machine task of pie tops being placed on trays by machine with lift of tray from machine t

Bespoke Manual Handling DVD Filming

This enjoyable role commences after a year with the business, following training onsite with our Director Gareth Milner. Filming involves a full day of Consultancy accompanied with our Professional Videographer. Before the Consultancy Day there is comprehensive planning of manual handling tasks, loads and environments to be filmed through a Microsoft Teams Meeting with the Client's Health & Safety Manager, attended with Gareth Milner. Following the Filming Day there is simple Editing and Commentary Writing Consultancy before all content is sent by Wetransfer to our Professional Editor Shane Du Toit. Please watch our Birtley Group Video and our British Pepper Filming Case Study to understand this enjoyable role more.

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Medico-Legal Report Writing

Clients who have Employees with Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) that are linked/ or directly caused by their manual handling roles contract Osteopathic Solutions to assess the Employee, just like in your Clinic role, to then write a comprehensive Medico-Legal Report that states what the MSD is; it's link with the Employee's manual handling roles; how the manual handling roles can be improved to reduce the risk of MSD; and what the Employee and Client can do to aid improvement in the MSD and a return to normal work duties. This Consultancy is also contracted by Client's who feel that the Employee is malingering or whom is raising an Injury Claim.

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  • Day rate £250 for 6 months. £300 thereafter
  • 4-8 days per month
  • Full Day Rate paid for Half Day Consultancy
  • Commission for Upselling Products
  • Comprehensive Training Process
  • Sub-contracted Role
  • Mileage & Food expenses paid
  • Travelodge Overnight Stays booked by us
  • Blog & Case Study Writing Consultancy also
  • Working in your UK region*
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  • Gets you out of the 4 walls of your Clinic

  • A physical & mental break from the rigours of Private Practice

  • Improves your understanding of MSDs & how they occur in your Patients

  • See a wide variety of industries. Food, Manufacturing, Care Groups, Private Hospitals etc.

  • *With a chance to see new parts of the UK 

  • Being part of a close knit Team 

Join in on our Q&As Webinar via Microsoft Teams

A message from our Director Gareth Milner.

'' As you can see this is an interesting, Diverse Role that complements your Clinical Practice. If you would like to find out more please attend my Weekly Q&As Webinar hosted via Microsoft Teams (or via WhatsApp Video Call) every Thursday at 4pm. During this 45 minute Webinar I go into the Recruitment Process; the Training Process; the work contract as well as more about the Roles mentioned above; Osteopathic Solutions' history and position in this Industry; and why joining me and the Team would be a great decision in your career. ''


'' Call me on 0845 299 3513 or LinkedIn connect with me to have an initial discussion about the Role and to book your Webinar place. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon. ''

Osteopathic Solutions
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