The Metron Vectorpulse  interferential module offers 10 user defined programs set up up at a push button, manual sweep control, vector rotation, bi-polar and quadropolar operation, and digital displays of all important parameters.

The suction module uses an extremely quite motor. A circuit within the unit monitors the section level continuously, and will automatically maintain the suction level prescribed.


This allows suction cups to be placed on one at a time, and if one cup falls off during treatment the remainder will stay attached.


Three pulsed modes and a continuous suction mode is provided. Water is trapped in a large internal reservoir, and a sensor warns when the reservoir is full. At which time the reservior can be emptied.


• 1 x Mains Lead
• 4 x Vacuum Cup - 6.5cm
• 4 x Vacuum Sponges - 6.5cm
• 2 x Vacuum Lead - 4cm Socket (White)
• 2 x Vacuum Lead - 4cm Socket (Blue)

Metron Vectorpulse Combined 2/4 Pole Interferential Vacuum Unit

  • Delivery cost included. 

    Delivery direct from Osteopathic Solutions.

  • Owned by Osteopathic Solutions Director & Osteopath Gareth Milner and purchased as new in 2009.