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Manual Handling Training 30 Minute Video specific to the Manufacturing Industry.

Manufacturing Manual Handling Training Video

  • Coverage includes:

    • Basic Biomechanics of the Spine & Posture Ergonomics

    • Hazardous Manual Handling Practices

    • BackSafe Squat Lifting of Boxes & Machine Parts from Pallets

    • BackSafe Squat Lowering of Boxes & Machine Parts to Pallets

    • BackSafe Squat Lifting & Lowering of Fluid Drums, Buckets, Fire Extinguishers, Plastic Barriers

    • Lifting & Lowering with Knee Injuries

    • BackSafe Lunge Lifting & Lowering

    • BackSafe Carrying of Boxes, Fluid Drums, Buckets, Fire Extinguishers, Plastic Barriers, Machine Parts

    • Handling of Loads at Chest & Head Heights including Shelving

    • BackSafe Pushing & Pulling of Palletised Loads, Cages, Industrial Hoovers & Trolleys

    • Awkward Factory Floor Tasks including Pallet Handling & Stillages

    • Team Lifting, Carrying & Lowering of Pallets

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