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'Sorry, We're Closed' by Gareth Milner, Director of Osteopathic Solutions Ltd. Leveraging

Sorry! We're Closed. Book by Gareth Milner

Leveraging Business Growth with Effective Manual Handling Risk Management! Regret not managing Manual Handling risks within your business? Paid a former Employee thousands of £s for an Injury Claim? Unsure what Best Practice Manual Handling Risk Management looks like? 

         In Sorry! We're Closed, Osteopathic Solutions Director Gareth Milner puts his 15 years of Manual Handling Risk Management experience to paper. Through real life business trauma of Injury Claim payouts and 100 hand-picked, Manual Handling Risk Management gems of actionable tips, Gareth presents a recipe for ensuring your business stays open, profitable and not supplying that former Employee with a 5 star, all inclusive holiday to the Maldives.

Our New Collaboration with BackCare!

BackCare Main Logo 2021.jpg

We are excited to announce that we will be working with BackCare, the charity dedicated to educating the public in ways of preventing and alleviating back pain.

Our 1st collaboration involved donating 5% of our business profits to BackCare during Back Care Awareness Week 2021.

Future projects to raise BackCare's profile and support their work will include a Sponsored Walk by the Osteopathic Solutions Team; an Osteopathic Solutions' Clients, Suppliers and Team Raffle; Sales of Teas & Coffees at our Public Courses; our Team providing their profits from Osteopathic Treatments during future Back Care Awareness Weeks; regular Blogs, Vlogs and Podcasts on back pain and back injury prevention from Gareth Milner etc. If you have any ideas on how we can support BackCare and reduce the incidence of back pain across the UK, LinkedIn connect with Gareth and message him directly.

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