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Employee Safe Manual Handling Training in this Year of Pandemic

The effects of COVID‐19 on social distancing will likely apply to much of 2020 across the UK. Therefore bringing together large groups to receive Practical Manual Handling Training will be difficult or even not possible. All businesses under the Health & Safety Act and the Manual Handling Operations Regulations have a legal obligation to provide their employees with Manual Handling Training. Osteopathic Solutions provides the following 2 solutions to this problem.

Manual Handling

Training DVD

  • Only £95+vat including UK postage

  • Online & DVD (or USB) versions included

  • CPD Certification Service Certified

  • Employee Assessment Included

  • 4 Industry Sections 

  • Each Industry Running Time 45 minutes

  • International Shipping available

  • Euros Payment Accepted

  • Induction & Refresher Training Tool

  • Reducing Manual Handling Accidents

  • Published in 2020

Online Manual Handling


  • Only £20+vat per user

  • Client LMS Login

  • CPD Certification Service Certified

  • Only 30 minutes to complete

  • Employee Assessment Included

  • Printable Online Certificate

  • Suitable for All Industries

  • Available in English, Polish, Czech & Punjabi

  • Induction & Refresher Training Tool

  • Reducing Manual Handling Accidents

  • Published in 2019

Explaining why this is THE Manual Handling Training DVD to buy!

Have you watched the Childs Play Manual Handling video? What are your thoughts on it? If you google search provision of Manual Handling DVDs you will find most (if not all) offer a production that only teaches lifting technique with some averagely presented information about manual handling laws and back anatomy/ injury.

At Osteopathic Solutions, we wanted to offer the UK market something different, something unique, something new, something better. A DVD full of useful practical manual handling content. A DVD that will teach. A DVD that will engage. A DVD of the highest production quality. A DVD that will reduce your manual handling lost time accidents.

Our Manual Handling Training DVD Filming Case Study 

In January & February we teamed up again with Up a Notch Productions to film for our Manual Handling Training DVD. Our 'Setting UK Standards' DVD features BackSafe manual handling techniques and practices in 4 content packed sections, Manufacturing (filmed at Kimal's Bromsgrove Factory), Food Production (filmed at Pork Farms' Market Drayton Factory), Distribution & Logistics (filmed at Kimal's Worcester Warehouse) and Council Services (filmed at Dacorum Borough Council's Waste Services Depot). Read our interesting and informative Case Study by clicking the tab below.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) Provider – Cobblestone Learning


Cobblestone Learning are a team of designers who improve workplace performance via customised eLearning courses and programmes. Cobblestone Learning's team is comprised of Learning professionals, digital content creators and IT professionals. Their founder and Managing Director Sean Delaney has worked in the Training and eLearning Industry for over 15 years, managing teams in Ericsson and eBay before setting up Cobblestone Learning.

Emma's New Blog!

'' Manual Handling Training DVDs ‐ What is available in the UK ''

When developing our Manual Handling Training DVD, we decided to research the UK market and were surprised of the low quality of productions available. Read Emma’s appraisal of 4 DVDs and also learn about the benefits of Video Training.

Gareth's New Blog!

'' Our Manual Handling Training DVD - From Filming to the Hard Copy ''

This Blog post features the story behind our 'Setting UK Standards' Manual Handling Training DVD. This features a light hearted account of the filming days; the caricature designs; our workings with our production suppliers and more. Read this Blog post and email your thoughts about it to us and receive 50% off our Manual Handling Training DVD.

Our Fun Caricatures for our Manual Handling Training DVD!

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