Online Manual Handling Training Programme

With our easy-to-use video based e-Learning LMS platform, it's simple & cost effective to get your workplace Health & Safety and HR Compliance Manual Handling Training sorted

At Osteopathic Solutions we believe that Manual Handling training should be delivered as a Practical Skills Course for your workforce (whether by your In House Instructors or through Experts like us) especially to those who are doing regular, and possibly hazardous manual handling tasks. 


Online Training Programmes have their role in 21st century training and development plans and our unique Online Manual Handling Training Programme can quickly provide compliance under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations, providing informative, engaging and effective training to support reductions in manual handling lost time accidents.

This Online Course teaches you all you need to know about best practice manual handling of inanimate loads. Being competent in safe manual handling techniques and practices for the workplace is a legal requirement, and this online Manual Handling Course provides everything you need to know about 'BackSafe' practical application of lifting, carrying, lowering, pushing, pulling and team handling technique and practice, including individual manual handling risk assessment based upon the HSE's ‘TILE’ (or LITE’) format.

Only £20+vat Per User
Client Learning Management System Login
CPD Certification Service Certified
Only 30 minutes to complete
17 Question Multiple Choice Assessment
How to Order
  1. Download the PDF Order Form below
  2. Complete & Sign the Order Form
  3. Email to
  4. Your LMS portal login details will be emailed to you within 24 hours of receipt of the Order Form
Designed by Occupational Osteopaths
Printable Online Certificate on completion
Available in English, Polish, Czech & Punjabi
Compliance with Manual Handling Regulations
Inherently Video based Practical Content
Suitable for all Employees, Staff & Managers
Suitable for all Employees, Staff & Managers
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'' What will your Employees learn? ''

Your employees will learn best practice Manual Handling techniques & practices including BackSafe Lifting, Carrying, Lowering, Pushing, Pulling & Team Handling. For the complete Online Programme Learning Outcomes click here
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'' What are the Benefits for your Business? ''

Your business will be compliant under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations. Your business will suffer less manual handling lost time accidents & injury claims. For more information about the Manual Handling Operations Regulations click here

Our LMS Provider: Cobblestone Learning


Cobblestone Learning are a team of designers who improve workplace performance via customised eLearning courses and programmes. However at Osteopathic Solutions, we worked with our designer Smart Marketing Solutions to create our own Online Manual Handling Training Programme.

Cobblestone Learning then added our programme to their system allowing our users to log in, take our course, before tracking their performance. Cobblestone Learning's team is comprised of Learning professionals, digital content creators and IT professionals. Their founder and Managing Director Sean Delaney has worked in the Training and eLearning Industry for over 15 years, managing teams in Ericsson and eBay before setting up Cobblestone Learning.

Our Linkedin Showcase Pages provide you with up to date information about our key services including continual professional developments, offers, informative blogs and image posts of our team providing our Manual Handling Risk Management Programme at clients' sites. For specific Linkedin posts about our Online Manual Handling Training click this Showcase Page on this link or the Linkedin image to the left.


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