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Manual Handling Training

Consultant & Registered Osteopath

Jonathan first joined us in 2012 and is our Bedford based Manual Handling Training and Risk Assessment Consultant. Please view Jonathan's client testimonials below. Outside of Osteopathic Solutions Jonathan runs his own private Osteopathy practice. Away from work Jonathan enjoys performing as a stand-up comedian, travelling, going for long walks (inherited from his time in the British Army) and playing uncle to his nephew.

'' I have 10 years of experience as an Osteopath and 7 years delivering Manual Handling training and Consultancy for Osteopathic Solutions. I teach both Manual Handling and Moving & Handling of People Courses. I have a wide range of experience in both settings; from Council Refuse Depots, Food Factories, Schools, Fire & Rescue Services to Care Groups and Private Hospitals.

I particularly enjoy Instructor (Train the Trainer) level Courses, helping the attendees to gain confidence in delivering training. I keep my sessions interesting and engaging. ''

What did you like about our trainer’s delivery?

The 2 Day Manual Handling Instructor Assessor Course was well paced, Jonathan Taylor ensured that all the attendees understood and checked with questions/ practical. When any of the students didn’t understand the him, he used different ways to explain (presentations/ practical /using the spine model).

 What didn’t you like about our trainer’s delivery? 

All good. 

What areas does our trainer need development in teaching skills? 


Was the course well structured by our trainer? Did it flow? If not, how could it have been improved?

 Course flowed well, good split of classroom and workplace training ensured attendees understanding of all aspects of manual handling.


Was the information presented in a simple & easily understandable way, avoiding medical jargon? 

Very easy to understand, where jargon needed to be used – this was explained in ‘laymans terms’.


Were there any times that there were challenging attendees, & if so, how did our trainer manage them? 

Training went off without any problems, all the students seemed attentive and co-operative.


Can we make improvements to the course structure, organisation, presentation & delivery

 None – we will be requesting more training sessions in the future.

Jason Whyle, Health & Safety Manager

Northwood Hygiene Products

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I observed one of the sessions and it was excellent! I thought the balance was very good and Jonathan's style and pitch was spot on. The feedback I have had from other people that have attended Jonathan's sessions has been equally as good. Consequently, I look forward to using Osteopathic Solutions again in the future.


  Anthony Stubbins, HSE Adviser at ThyssenKrupp Aerospace

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I had very positive feedback from everyone who attended the course for the content, delivery and Jonathan himself. Everyone commented that the really felt they learnt how important it was to look after their backs.

Fay Freeman, RPC Promens


Every single person that came out passed comment on how interesting Jonathan made the training and that it was very enjoyable.  The training Osteopathic Solutions provided was taught from a different perspective and to be honest I think it will have a much bigger impact than any previous training.So thank you for making the training fun but also hard hitting enough to stay in people's minds. We will most definitely be using your company again in the future.

Vicki Kendall, Warehouse & Logistics Manager at 3M Meguiar's UK

Feedback from the 2 Day Instructor Course was that the course was delivered very well, the trainer Jonathan Taylor had a vast knowledge and gave excellent practical experience, with opportunity to discuss questions. Both days were full and Jonathan definitely kept the days interesting.

Mandy Towler, Learning & Development Officer at Greenvale AP

Can I extend my thanks to Jonathan Taylor for the 3 Day Instructor Assessor Course that he delivered to our waste management colleagues here at Horsham District Council. The course feedback forms indicated 100% satisfaction.  So hopefully we can now benefit from that improved level of competence among our staff. 

Michael Marchant, Corporate Health & Safety Advisor

Horsham District Council


Library Services Attendee Feedback:

The Trainer Jonathan Taylor was very good. He encouraged all of those taking part (if they were happy) to talk about their experiences and physical problems they had and how they overcame the issues at work, and questioned us on whether there were things at work that we could no longer physically complete.


With my back problems following a slipped disc and my arthritic knees, he often referred to me to show how to overcome the physical issues of manual handling and explained that you could not always force someone to lift in a set way if physically they were unable.  He was also very clear in saying that he was showing us how to lift etc. correctly to try to aid members of staff for the future and that although they may have always lifted in that way and have never had a back problem that did not mean it wouldn’t happen tomorrow. He gave us the knowledge and understanding as Manual Handling Instructors to be able to show staff what damage they were doing continually and how by slightly changing things this may reduce the damage. 

I found the medical side of the course and the damage we can do to ourselves on a daily basis very interesting and it explained my symptoms.


We also looked at the library itself and the daily tasks we were expecting staff to complete and how we could make these easier and safer. We role played these situations and came up with suggestions, this gave us all a chance to look at things differently and to take this back not only to our workplace but also to other libraries/ offices and give advice.


I think that this 2 Day Manual Handling Instructor (Train the Trainer) Assessor Course was a very worthwhile course. 

Essex County Council Library Services

For information about Jonathan Taylor's Osteopathic Clinics please click the links below:

Woodside Clinic, Dunstable

Taylor's Osteopathy, Bedford​

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