COVID Policy

A message to our Clients from our Director Gareth Milner

Since 2010 we have been working tirelessly to keep the nation BackSafe. Our role now with the COVID pandemic is to support your business in keeping your staff healthy & safe, at the same time as promoting safer Manual Handling habits & practices, to support low manual handling lost time accidents, maintaining your compliance with the Health & Safety Executive's Manual Handling Regulations. Osteopathic Solutions will endeavour to follow & impose strict guidelines when carrying out Practical Manual Handling Courses.

  • As it has been advised to avoid public transport where possible, our Instructors will arrive on site by car

  • Our Instructors will abide by all clear guidance given by the establishment including social-distancing with the site contacts on arrival, as well as clearly following any signage or visual aids. We will review entry & exit routes to minimise contact with people.

  • Our Instructors will wear a mask in enclosed places where social distancing is not possible

  • As the weather will be milder, our Instructors will carry out the training outdoors (if possible)

  • Any classroom theory we need to carry out will be done so in a well-ventilated room

  • Our Instructors will carry disinfectant with them & encourage the use before & after training

  • Our Instructors will follow cleaning procedures for the parts of shared equipment they & the learners touch after each use, such as classroom laminates & inanimate loads

  • Until the Government recovery strategy eases, our Instructors will maintain 2 metres of social distancing. If our Instructors are in an area with limited space, we will ensure the groups are halved, as to minimise the number of people in contact with one another

  • If necessary, our Instructors will use floor tape to mark areas to help learners keep to a 2 metre distance

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If you have any questions, or would like to offer us additional safety measures please call me directly at our Head Office on 0845 299 3513

Keep well to all. Life will return to normal soon.

Gareth Milner

Director of Osteopathic Solutions Ltd

Employee Safe Manual Handling Training in this Year of Pandemic

The effects of COVID‐19 on social distancing will likely apply to much of 2020 across the UK. Therefore bringing together large groups to receive Practical Manual Handling Training will be difficult or even not possible. All businesses under the Health & Safety Act and the Manual Handling Operations Regulations have a legal obligation to provide their employees with Manual Handling Training. Osteopathic Solutions provides the following 3 solutions to this problem.


Manual Handling

Training DVD/ USB

  • Only £150+vat including UK postage

  • Online & DVD (or USB) versions included

  • CPD Certification Service Certified

  • Employee Assessment Included

  • 4 Industry Sections 

  • Each Industry Running Time 30 minutes

  • International Shipping available

  • Euros Payment Accepted

  • Each Industry can be purchased Online 

  • Induction & Refresher Training Tool

  • Reducing Manual Handling Accidents

  • Published in 2020

Osteopathic Solutions Online Manual Hand

Online Manual Handling

Training Programme

  • Only £20+vat per user

  • Client LMS Login

  • CPD Certification Service Certified

  • Only 30 minutes to complete

  • Employee Assessment Included

  • Printable Online Certificate

  • Suitable for All Industries

  • Available in English, Polish, Czech & Punjabi

  • Induction & Refresher Training Tool

  • Reducing Manual Handling Accidents

  • Published in 2019



  • Only £595+vat including postage

  • 2 Day Course Lesson Plan & PowerPoints

  • Comprehensive Instructor Booklet

  • Printable Course Booklet PDF

  • Attendee Assessment PDF

  • Attendee Certificate Template

  • Workforce Training Form

  • Employee MSD Score Form

  • Manual Handling Training DVD Videos

  • Manual Handling Training Posters

  • CPD Certification Service Certified

  • Suitable for All Industries

  • International Shipping available

  • Euros Payment Accepted

  • Reducing Manual Handling Accidents​

  • Published in 2020

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