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Meet our Creative Director Emma Farrell

Emma joined the business in 2018. She grew up in Ireland in her younger years. She studied a 4 Year Art Degree in Ireland at a prestigious School of Art & Design. These days, due to being fortunate enough to experience living in many beautiful sunny areas across Europe, she (fortunately - in her eyes) doesn’t call the grey isle of Ireland home.

With Osteopathic Solutions decision to open its business doors and ‘go global’ and now being registered in another EU state, yet still having their same loyal UK Client base, Emma enjoys the opportunities it has given her to experience working and living in a healthier, yet more driven, business (and life) environment.

Her role as a Creative Director includes managing the business, and team of Expert Instructors as well as Osteopathic Solutions Long Standing UK & soon to be global Client Base alongside Business Partner Gareth Milner Osteopath.

Having an artistic background achieved from her 4 long years of Art & Design studies, has brought immense creativity to the business within the major business projects that Emma & Gareth run as a team. The business branding has transformed over the course of many years; which now thankfully attracts a more varied and youthful client base especially within the publication of Gareth Milner Osteopath’s 300 page Industry Leading Business book ‘’Sorry! We’re Closed.’’

On the subject of ‘’Sorry! We’re Closed’’ Emma tediously drew and handpainted 85 illustrations for this book, at a time where her and Gareth experienced living on a unique Island (which is rarely known by most!) allowing them to both become creative yet serious about one of the companies’ biggest projects to date.

‘’Sorry! We’re Closed’’ with Emma’s quirky illustrations has touched over 100 different companies across the UK to date, with it’s funny yet serious theme of Leveraging Business Growth with Expert Manual Handling Risk Management; a subject that both Emma & Gareth feel should be taken more seriously across not only the UK, but the world! You only get one Musculoskeletal System after all.

Although Emma has not studied Human Biomechanics, like the rest of the Osteopathic Solutions’ team who are all qualified Osteopaths, (please see Gareth Milner’s Degree Certificate here) the subject interests her and she enjoys learning about the human body through partner Gareth Milner Osteopath. She even gets ‘cracked’ every now and again and is grateful to be fortunate enough to have an Osteopath living with her, even when he regularly corrects her posture and tells her ‘’you’ll get a bad neck like that!’’

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